Concepts In Reality: Hello Be+Co Collection 1, My Favorite Things

There's something magical about a dream coming true. For nearly a decade I've wanted to bring my weirdness to life—in it's most authentic (and complete) form as possible. I kicked off my Instagram in November 2018 where I shared my first poem publically for the first time ever. I've grown a lot since then, but one thing has remained a constant for me—creating art simply because it brings me joy. 

There are a lot of reasons I write, photograph, shoot video and collaborate with others, but none greater than the fact that I can because I want to. For most of my life I lived in the fear of everyone else's opinions for my life, nearly robotic of needing the approval of everyone before I made my own decisions. 

This collection has been a defining moment for me to take back the control of my life, to say out loud, in front of everyone to myself: I'm not scared of you anymore.  

Shop the full collection now at Be+Co. Get to know myself + Chase more and check out our full YouTube Podcast diving into why we created My Favorite Things and why we [both] think you should create art, even if the outcome isn't certain. 

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